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How to order

Welcome to our website for Ostomates. If you would like to purchase for retail please contact us on the following number 0861 888 842 or 

Ordering from UHcare is simple, easy and convenient.
If unsure about ordering online? Call us and we will walk you through, or:

Step 1. If you are a new user you will need to register. You can do this before or after choosing your products. You can register and view your details in the ‘My Account’ section (Top right hand side of the screen)
Step 2. Browse the site. You can use the search function (top right of the screen), or the drop down menus (Left of the screen)  and choose your products and ‘Add to cart’.
Step 3. View cart by clicking on the trolley icon and check this is what you want. Remember, you can call us in business hours for help 0861 888 842.
Step 4. Proceed to check out, and pay with a credit/Debit card or if you are a Discovery member, we just need your membership number and we will claim on your behalf.

How to claim from your medical aid

If you are not a member of Discovery you will need to pay by Credit or Debit card and claim back using the receipt with our practice number on.

Navigating South African Medical aids is not always easy, but we suggest the following steps:

  1. Request a PMB Out of Hospital Form from your Medical Aid
  2. Fill out this form (there is a section for your Surgeon to complete and a fee might be payable) and submit to your Medical Aid with a Prescription of the products you need. The prescription must have the following information:
    • Product Name
    • Product Code
    • Nappy Code
    • Quantity needed for the year
    • ICD10 code for your condition
  3. Ask your Surgeon for the period that you need the Stoma. Should you have a permanent Stoma you can ask your surgeon to write a motivational letter to your medical aid so that you can get an On-Going Approval from your Medical Aid.
  4. Once the Medical Aid has approved your PMB Out of Hospital Benefit you will receive a letter with an approval number.

Learn from more about Prescribe Minimum Benefits (PMB Out of Hospital) below:

‘One of the types of codes that appear on healthcare provider accounts is known as ICD-10 codes. These codes are used to inform medical schemes about what conditions their members were treated for so that claims can be settled correctly.

ICD-10 stands for International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (10th revision). It is a coding system developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), that translates the written description of medical and health information into standard codes, e.g. J03.9 is an ICD-10 code for acute tonsillitis (unspecified) and G40.9 denotes epilepsy (unspecified).

When you join a medical scheme, you choose and pay for a particular benefit option. This benefit option contains a basket of services that often has limits on the health services that will be paid for. Because ICD-10 codes provide accurate information on the condition you have been diagnosed with, these codes help the medical scheme to determine what benefits you are entitled to and how these benefits could be paid.

This becomes very important if you have a PMB condition, as these can only be identified by the correct ICD-10 codes. Therefore, if the incorrect ICD-10 codes are provided, your PMB-related services might be paid from the wrong benefit (such as from your medical savings account), or it might not be paid at all if your day-to-day or hospital benefits limits have been exhausted.

ICD-10 codes must also be provided on medicine prescriptions and referral notes to other healthcare providers (e.g. pathologists and radiologists) who are not all able to make a diagnosis. Therefore, they require the diagnosis information from your referring doctor so that their claim to your medical scheme can also be paid out of the correct pool of money.

Important note: Medical schemes are obliged by law to treat information about members’ conditions with the utmost confidentiality. They are not allowed to disclose even ICD-10 codes to any other party, including employers or family members. ‘ Source: Click here

Tracking your order

UHCare uses a courier service to deliver your products. Delivery ranges from 48 – 72 hours after your order has been processed. Please be in contact with us if you have not received your parcel in 5 days on 0861 888 842 or email and we will help.